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AlphaSights is a global leader in knowledge search, connecting the world's top professionals with the world's best knowledge. As part of our growth strategy, we are developing and improving our transcription services for our global business clientele.

The Position

We are seeking experienced transcriptionists to join our elite team. Successful candidates will be comfortable and confident transcribing sophisticated business language quickly and accurately. Candidates must be highly proficient transcriptionists with three plus years of proven transcription experience and have access to their own transcription software, such as Express Scribe or similar.

Role Features
• Very competitive, above market compensation
• Long-term project and commitment
• Independent contractor 1099
• Remote work; US, Canada, UK
• Willingness to sign an NDA
• Flexible with availability
• Opportunities for advancement

Required Experience
• Proven track record of professional transcriptionist experience
• The ability to meet 99% transcription accuracy
• Must have experience transcribing multispeaker files and adding speaker IDs
• You must have excellent US English grammar skills
• Dedicated to meet project deadlines on time
• Ability to follow an Intelligent verbatim style guide
• Highly proficient at researching terminology
• Professional references

Please note that we are looking for excellence and only hire a small percentage of applicants. If your test is unsuccessful, this is a final decision, therefore please do not attempt to retake the test or contact us to reconsider.

This test will take an estimated 30 minutes to complete. Please include in your "Brief Employment History" how long it takes you to transcribe 15 minutes of audio with two speakers

Applications will be considered only from candidates based in the following countries: (view in pop-up)

Personal Details

Name: (max 100 chars)
Email address: (max 100 chars)
Email again: (max 100 chars)
Brief employment history: (max 5000 chars)
Why are you interested in doing this work? (max 500 chars)
Have you applied to us previously and failed? Yes No

Further questions

If you are applying for a remote freelancing position, you must have three or more years previous transcription experience and your own equipment. Please answer the following questions honestly:

1.1 - Do you have any previous transcription experience? This could include typing up dictations, freelance transcribing, transcribing for other agencies, etc.
yes no
1.2 - Do you have the necessary equipment for successful transcription? This includes a good set of headphones; your own computer with a decent sound card; secure WiFi; transcription software and preferably a foot pedal.
yes no
1.3 - You will be working as a freelancer, so you must either be self-employed or intend to become self-employed, and you will be responsible for your own taxes and insurances. Do you agree?
yes no

Correct/incorrect statements

Please state whether you consider the following to be correct or incorrect.

2.1 - He broke a vase due to sheer carelessness.
correct incorrect
2.2 - My uncle was find for speeding.
correct incorrect
2.3 - The ship was lost at sea, and he was the soul survivor.
correct incorrect
2.4 - He received lots of complements on his singing.
correct incorrect
2.5 - The boat went slowly because it was sailing against the current.
correct incorrect
2.6 - He didn't really understand it - he just learned it by wrote.
correct incorrect
2.7 - During the war the building was razed to the ground.
correct incorrect
2.8 - They excepted their awards.
correct incorrect

Multiple choice questions

As ever with history, there are various theories about who really was the first to conceive of an underground railway with the aim of ___1___ the growing problems of congestion on London’s streets. It was Pearson, the London solicitor, who first ___2___ his notion in a pamphlet in 1845, suggesting a railway running down the Fleet Valley to Farringdon that would be ___3___ by a glass casing making it ‘as lofty, light and dry as the West End arcades’. The trains were to be ___4___ by atmospheric power so that smoke from steam engines would not cloud the glass. This, of course, was not the scheme that was eventually built, but Pearson’s ___5___ was certainly the kernel of the idea that was to become the London Underground two decades later along ___6___ the same route.

3.1 -
shrinking alleviating pacifying mollifying
3.2 -
gave out made up marked out set out
3.3 -
protected defended enhanced supported
3.4 -
filled trailed drawn taken
3.5 -
contraption hypothesis concept image
3.6 -
relatively hopefully possibly roughly

Text questions

For each question, fill in the blanks in the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, using the word in bold. Do not change the word in bold.

For example:

Immediately after winning the race, he began training for the next one.
No .......... he began training for the next one.

Correct answer:
No sooner had he won the race than he began training for the next one.

4.1 - Personal history plays a role in determining how willing you are to participate in group activities.
Personal history .......... your willingness to participate in group activities.

4.2 - It is important to know the difference between a joke and an insult.
It is important to know .......... between a joke and an insult.

4.3 - Initially they had trouble getting their business off the ground, but the situation eventually improved.
Initially they found it .......... , but the situation eventually improved.

4.4 - Julia is very nice but I find it impossible to understand most of what she says.
Though I like Julia, I can barely .......... says.

4.5 - When people are under stress they easily succumb to everyday illnesses such as the common cold.
When people are under stress they tend .......... everyday illnesses such as the common cold.


Please download and transcribe the recording at the link below (on most browsers you should right-click and then select "Download" or similar).

You can find the style for the transcript using this link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi67omwvk4vu4ge/AlphaSights%20Transcription%20Style%20Guide_v2.5.pdf?dl=0

Please transcribe the recording using AlphaSights Intelligent Verbatim. This means omitting any ums, ah and stutters, and using grammatically correct forms such as 'going to' rather than 'gonna' while keeping to the original wording as close as possible. Do not change anything that would alter the meaning or tone of the dialogue. Use common sense when punctuating and paragraphing - a complete transcript should be easy for someone without the audio to read back and understand. Please read the Style Guide closely.

When you have finished, paste your text into the box below.

5.1 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvm5elp2oz69ry1/Exam3.1.mp3?dl=0

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