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Thank you for your interest in our company. We are currently open to applications from experienced and serious-minded transcribers.

This test will take an estimated 20 minutes to complete.

applicants from countries not on your approved list are auto-rejected
Applications are welcomed from serious candidates only.

Applications will be considered only from candidates based in the following countries: (view in pop-up)

Personal Details

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Further questions

Please answer these further questions.

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1.1 - Do you have broadband Internet access?
yes no
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1.2 - Is English your native language?
yes no
1.3 - Do you already work for another transcription firm?
yes no

Correct/incorrect statements

Please state whether you consider the following to be correct or incorrect.

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2.1 - The postman sang as he walked passed the lake.
correct incorrect
2.2 - The parrot escaped from it's cage.
correct incorrect
2.3 - Whether you hadn't told me about it or whether you had, I would still have found out.
correct incorrect

Multiple choice questions

For the questions below, please select the best response from the choices available.

set your own questions and pass mark. ScribeSifter marks this section automatically and auto-rejects if necessary.
3.1 - My friends are on _____ way here now.
they're their there none of the above
3.2 - The phrase "to cut off your nose to spite your face" means:
to injure yourself for some indirect gain to injure yourself rather than to fail to injure someone else to injure yourself as if you were someone else inflicting the injury to injure yourself in order to injure someone else
3.3 - In what could be read as a strenuous effort to establish legal _____ for patent reform in the absence of any new legislation to achieve the same ends, the judgement overruled the jury's verdict and ruled a mistrial.
precedent objection grounds status
3.4 - A system of (3.4) _____ representation would go some way towards ending the rotating bipartisan elective dictatorship that has favoured the major (3.5) _____ in recent times.
list elected proportional alternative
3.5 -
parties leaders factions movements

Text questions

Please give an appropriate response to the questions below.

set your own questions. This section is not automatically marked by ScribeSifter.
4.1 - Rewrite the following sentence so that it contains the word "effect": "Your schooling plays a role in determining your choice of career."

4.2 - What personal qualities do you think a good transcriptionist possesses? Please answer in at least 100 words.

4.3 - Other than books related to religion, which book do you think has changed the world most, and why?


Please download and transcribe the recording at the link below (on most browsers you should right-click and then select "Download" or similar).

You can transcribe the recording in Microsoft Word using free software such as The FTW Transcriber, available at

Please transcribe the recording word for word, and take care to use correct punctuation. When you have finished, paste the text into the box below.

set a URL of a recording for applicants to transcribe
5.1 - http://www.link_to_your_audio_file_here.mp3

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