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About Us

AlphaSights is a global leader in knowledge search, connecting the world's top professionals with the world's best knowledge. As part of our growth strategy, we are developing and improving our transcription services for our global business clientele. For more information about us, please visit our website

The Position

We are seeking experienced transcriptionists to join our team. Successful candidates will be comfortable and confident transcribing sophisticated business language quickly and accurately. Candidates should possess strong research skills and be able to find and verify spelling of terminology across various industries. Candidates must be highly proficient transcriptionists with 3+ years of proven transcription experience and have access to their own transcription software, such as Express Scribe or similar.

Transcription Exam:

Our exam consists of multiple choice questions section and sample transcript assignment. In order to complete both, you will need to reference our Style Guide

Please note that we are looking for excellence and only hire a small percentage of applicants. If your exam is unsuccessful, this is a final decision, therefore please do not attempt to retake the test immediately after or contact us to reconsider.

This test will take an estimated 30-45 minutes to complete.

Applications will be considered only from candidates based in the following countries: (view in pop-up)

Personal Details

Name: (max 100 chars)
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Brief employment history: (max 5000 chars)
Why are you interested in doing this work? (max 500 chars)
Have you applied to us previously and failed? Yes No

Further questions

If you are applying for a remote freelancing position, you must have three (3) or more years previous transcription experience and your own equipment (this includes a good set of headphones; your own computer with a decent sound card; secure WiFi; transcription software and preferably a foot pedal). You will be working as a freelancer, so you must either be self-employed or intend to become self-employed, and you will be responsible for your own taxes and insurances.

1.1 - Please confirm that you have adequate experience and transcription equipment, as well as your understanding that this will be a contract-based position.
yes no

Correct/incorrect statements

Please state whether you consider the following to be correct or incorrect.

2.1 - He broke a vase due to sheer carelessness.
correct incorrect
2.2 - My uncle was find for speeding.
correct incorrect
2.3 - The ship was lost at sea, and he was the soul survivor.
correct incorrect
2.4 - He received lots of complements on his singing.
correct incorrect
2.5 - The boat went slowly because it was sailing against the current.
correct incorrect
2.6 - He didn't really understand it - he just learned it by wrote.
correct incorrect
2.7 - During the war the building was razed to the ground.
correct incorrect
2.8 - They excepted their awards.
correct incorrect

Multiple choice questions

Please review our Intelligent Verbatim Style Guide and answer below questions with our stylistic preferences in mind. Each question has only one correct answer.

3.1 - How will you render percentages in this sentence: "This method will save you at least ___of water"
fourty percent 40 percent 40% fourty %
3.2 - How will you render numbers in this sentence: "If you have _____ meters gap in your farm plantation then you will definitely get much higher yield per tree"
nine to ten nine to 10 9 to ten 9 to 10
3.3 - How will you render country acronyms in this sentence: "This ___ company was thinking of migrating and actually starting up operations in the __ and building the equipment in the __.
UAE, UK, US U.A.E., U.K., U.S. UAE, UK, United States UAE, United Kingdom, US
3.4 - How will you render word/term at the end of this sentence that you could not hear: "When you talk about the Medjool and Deglet Noor variety, it is not sold as a ___________."
(unintelligible) [inaudible?] [inaudible 0:06:34] [inaudible 00:06:34]
3.5 - How will you render contractions that were spoken in this sentence: "If ____ talking about places like USA, _____ actually doing the pruning of the dates very well."
you are, they are you're, they are you're, they're you are, they're
3.6 - How will you render truncated words that were spoken in this sentence "Let's say you ____ do cross pollination in January, February, from then on you _____ have to keep watering the plants sufficiently through and through."
wanna, gonna wanna, are going to want to, gonna want to; are going to
3.7 - How will you render words in this sentence: "This ________ farm was involved in a ______ battle dispute with fertilizer manufacturer"
family-owned, year-long family-owned, year long family owned, year-long family owned, year long
3.8 - How will you render a word which you can hear, but of which spelling you're not sure in this sentence: "They have a tissue culture lab outside of ______, but they're not working on Ajwa."
[Al Ain? 0:09:37] [word?] [word? 00:09:37] (guess: Al Ain)

Text questions

Please answer each of the questions below to the best of your ability.

4.1 - In addition to Style Guide, we use a certain transcript template:

As you listen to one of our audios, one speaker introduces himself as Max and the other as Andrew. How will you render speaker IDs in our transcript?

4.2 - How do we refer to an eight-digit number in the header of the transcript directly on top of the disclaimer?

4.3 - Does our Style Guide specify how to render academic degrees in transcripts? If so, on which page?

4.4 - Who are AlphaSights clients?

4.5 - Does AlphaSights have a blog? If so, what is the title of the most recent post?


Please transcribe the recording using AlphaSights Intelligent Verbatim style and template.

Remember to not change anything that would alter the meaning or tone of the dialogue. Use common sense when punctuating and paragraphing - a complete transcript should be easy for someone without the audio to read back and understand.

Link to Style Guide
Link to Template
Link to Audio

When you have finished, deliver your transcript here: Dropbox

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