Transcription Test 001

General Reminders
Difficult quality audio is not for everyone! However, our top tips include 'Reduce Background Noise' in ExpressScribe, or using alternative transcription programs to ExpressScribe, such as WavePad, InqScribe, FTW ( We STRONGLY recommend playing "difficult" audio in at least one alternative player - often ExpressScribe does weird things to audio quality, and we don't want your job being made any more difficult!

Proofreading Checklist - Consistency is key. Please ensure you review this regularly, especially understanding that different transcription companies have different requirements, and work that does not accord to the Checklist will be returned for amendment. ***If you are a new transcriber testing for the first time, please simply make style/formatting choices that make sense to you.***

Time Management - we must be able to rely upon you for returning quality transcripts. We do not put up with time-wasters. AS A CONTRACTOR, you are REQUIRED to correct your own work if you turn in poor transcripts with many easy mishearings, incorrect formatting, etc.

Multi-skilled - we can give the most work to transcribers who can transcribe verbatim, focus groups, understand poor quality audio, handle foreign accents, and follow instructions for medical/legal/complex template work.

Research - you MUST be adept in using basic search engines such as Google, et cetera, to check names and terms that come up in your transcripts.

Language - English grammar, punctuation and spelling has to be a very high standard. English has to be your first language. In addition, please note we are an Australian company with primarily Australian clientele, so you must be able to understand Australian colloquiums and place names.

Applications will be considered only from candidates based in the following countries: (view countries list)

In order to take this test you will need transcription playback software on your computer. You can use free software such as The FTW Transcriber, available at

Please download it before taking the test, because installing it will require a restart.

Your test will be timed. When you are ready to begin, please click START.

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