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Correct/incorrect statements

Please state whether you consider the following to be correct or incorrect.

2.1 - Jason auditioned for the choir a fortnight ago and was told he was a base.
correct incorrect
2.2 - If I had known it was going to rain, I would have brought my umbrella.
correct incorrect
2.3 - This morning I rode me boat five kilometers down the river.
correct incorrect
2.4 - When the judge asked me for examples I was able to site several.
correct incorrect
2.5 - I don't care what you do – you can suite yourself.
correct incorrect
2.6 - Jamie was shocked and exclaimed, "Your joking!"
correct incorrect
2.7 - Amanda suggested we go to the cinema.
correct incorrect
2.8 - The evening sun was setting over the horizon as seabirds soared high up above the yacht.
correct incorrect
2.9 - The teacher was so dissatisfied with my work that she accused me of shear carelessness.
correct incorrect
2.10 - The train gave a whistle as it steamed passed the station.
correct incorrect

Multiple choice questions

For each space below, select the correct word from the choices available.

3.1 - The football team went onto the pitch without its full ______ of players.
complement compliment
3.2 - Because of her poor attitude she was sent to the school ______ .
principle principal
3.3 - I took the dog to the vet because of ______ injured leg.
its it's
3.4 - I was very pleased to be ______ on the play I had written.
complemented complimented
3.5 - Back in the days of ______ , it was customary for knights to go on quests.
you're your yore
3.6 - Learning to ride a bicycle is a ______ of passage.
rite write right wright
3.7 - The new headteacher found it very difficult to ____ change in the school.
affect effect
3.8 - Talking is not ______ in the library.
allowed aloud
3.9 - When the horse bolted, I held tightly to the ______ .
rains reins reigns
3.10 - When they arrived, they found out they'd forgotten to bring ______ tools with them.
there they're their
3.11 - The king's ______ lasted for over forty years.
reign rain rein
3.12 - In some countries, people don't have the ____ to vote.
wright right rite write
3.13 - This matter is greater than the sum of ______ parts.
its it's
3.14 - I had to get into the old factory but I wasn't able to gain ______ .
excess axis access
3.15 - He acted on the ______ that his enemy's enemy was his friend.
principle principal
3.16 - The President vowed to crack down on the ______ of Evil.
Axis Excess Access
3.17 - I don't agree with your opinion but I respect your ______ to hold it.
write right rite wright
3.18 - ______ knocking down the old cinema and building a supermarket.
There Their They're
3.19 - He was badly ______ by the experience.
affected effected
3.20 - For claims in ______ of $500 you'll need to apply separately.
access excess axis

Text questions

Retype the passage below into the text box, adding the correct punctuation. Please pay particular attention to quotations.

4.1 - melanie cried brenda thomas rushing into the room heard the news weve got a new prefect in charge of the form guess who

there was a hush it was a thing that mattered

several names were mentioned all wrong

youll never guess said brenda with a laugh its melanies sister drusilla go and look on the notice board if you dont believe me

melanie was so astounded that she dropped the hot chestnut she was holding

but this is too much said melanie her eyes dancing i say girls what lovely fun now i can run across the hall slide down the banisters and have general fun and games

what a scream eh said brenda merrily wholl ever write the lines she gives i wont

we wont have to take any notice of what she says grinned melanie


Although most of our transcripts are “clean”, please transcribe this test exactly as recorded (i.e. “strict verbatim”) in Q/A format.

At the top of the trial transcript please state:

1. Your area/s of expertise, e.g. interviews, focus groups, legal, academic, finance, other languages (which ones), accents (which ones), etc. No need to give your full resume as we will request this if you are successful.
2. How many audio hours per week you can commit to.
3. Where you live, your nationality and whether you hold an ABN.
4. Confirmation of equipment - i.e. I have/will get ...

Please download and transcribe the recording at the link below (on most browsers you should right-click and then select "Download" or similar).

For this test, we recommend using free transcription software such as Express Scribe: and that you run the text through a spell checker before submitting it.

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