Thank you for your interest in work for PageSix Transcription Services Ltd. We are currently looking for applications from home-based audio transcribers who can commit to 20+ hours per week.

If you are successful in the first part of our application process you will be invited to take an audio transcription test.

Applications will be considered only from candidates based in the following countries: (view in pop-up)

Personal Details

Name: (max 100 chars)
Email address: (max 100 chars)
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Brief employment history: (max 5000 chars)
Why are you interested in doing this work? (max 500 chars)
Have you applied to us previously and failed? Yes No

Further questions

Please answer these questions before continuing with your application.

1.1 - Are you based in the UK?
yes no
1.2 - Do you have/will soon have broadband internet connection and transcript software/equipment?
yes no
1.3 - Do you have a typing speed of 60wpm or more?
yes no
1.4 - We are only looking for transcribers who can commit to regular work. Can you offer at least 20 hours of your time a week to PageSix? This would equate to approximately 4 audio hours a week.
yes no
1.5 - Do you have audio transcription experience?
yes no

Correct/incorrect statements

Please state whether you consider the punctuation and grammar in the following sentences to be correct or incorrect.

2.1 - Your not to be trusted on your own.
correct incorrect
2.2 - It's the only way to get it in it's box.
correct incorrect
2.3 - There unqualified and their opinions counted for nothing while they were there.
correct incorrect
2.4 - I'm not sure who's coming to the cinema tonight.
correct incorrect
2.5 - I really need to find my watch so I don't leave to late.
correct incorrect
2.6 - Sarah's uncle's car was found without its wheels.
correct incorrect
2.7 - The managers attitude was affecting all the players' performance.
correct incorrect
2.8 - Jill, a talented woman in the world of business, decided to run for president.
correct incorrect

Multiple choice questions

For the questions below, please select the best response from the choices available.

3.1 - Press releases read the latest news from the _______.
council counsel
3.2 - The restaurant is not _______ to sell alcohol.
licensed licenced
3.3 - In small quantities it may even have a beneficial _________ on health.
affect effect
3.4 - We need to order some more _______.
stationery stationary
3.5 - This wine _______ the food perfectly.
compliments complements
3.6 - I'm not sure _______ we will be able to attend the wedding.
weather whether
3.7 - Several bricks in the garden wall have come _______ .
lose loose
3.8 - The ball was _______ to the new striker who was lurking at the far post.
passed past
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