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Thank you for your interest in our company. We are currently open to applications from experienced and serious-minded transcribers.

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Applications are welcomed from serious candidates only.

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Further questions

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Please answer these further questions.

1.1 - [Sample further question:] Are you based in the USA?
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Correct/incorrect statements

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Please state whether you consider the following to be correct or incorrect.

2.1 - [Sample correct/incorrect question:]

Although Dryden habitually eludes to stereotypes as a method of reinforcing the tribulations of repressed nations, he here uses them to indicate the possibility of cultural revival.

correct incorrect

Multiple choice questions

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For the questions below, please select the best response from the choices available.

3.1 - [Sample multiple choice question:] After three hours of fruitless discussion, the diplomats decided to _____ negotiations.
close off break off end off cut off

Text questions

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Please give an appropriate response to the questions below.

4.1 - Rewrite the following sentence so that it contains the word "effect": "Your schooling plays a role in determining your choice of career."


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Please download and transcribe the recording at the link below (on most browsers you should right-click and then select "Download" or similar).

You can transcribe the recording in Microsoft Word using free software such as The FTW Transcriber, available at http://www.theftwtranscriber.com/

Please transcribe the recording word for word, and take care to use correct punctuation. When you have finished, paste the text into the box below.

5.1 - http://www.link_to_your_audio_file_here.mp3

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