How it works


ScribeSifter automates much of the dull and routine work of sifting applications to work for your company. It can help you to build up a pool of quality transcribers and free you up from proof-reading and staff management to concentrate on growing your business!

There are two ways you can use ScribeSifter:

- you can use the default version, which is explained below; OR

- we can set up your own instance for you at a cost of $50, which we can then develop in whatever way you wish.

Here’s how the default version works:

When you create a ScribeSifter account, a web page for your test is created, which you can configure with your own logo, font and background colour to match your own web site. You then set your own questions to appear on the page.

1 – personal details (asked as standard)

2 - any further questions, to be answered yes/no (marked automatically)

3 - correct/incorrect statements (marked automatically)

4 - multiple choice questions (marked automatically)

5 - questions requiring a text response

6 - transcription test

If an applicant fails parts 2, 3 or 4 (as the overwhelming majority of applicants will), ScribeSifter will automatically reject them and you will not be made aware of their application.

If an applicant passes parts 2, 3 and 4, their application will reach you, and you can very swiftly reject it, causing a polite email to be sent to the applicant, or of course approve it.

See a sample test here.

ScribeSifter’s technology is able to prevent most applicants from re-applying multiple times to try to “beat the test”.

The question methodologies available are used by some of the world’s largest transcription firms and have proved highly accurate at distinguishing between capable transcribers and those who are sub-standard.

If you're short of time, don't worry - just ask us to set up your account and write your test for you.  This is a free service, though a deposit may be required.  Following consultation with you as to your recruitment requirements, not only will we write your whole test but we'll also find suitable test transcription recordings for you, or self-produce recordings of suitable quality and in an appropriate national accent - all free!

ScribeSifter fits in seamlessly with any recruitment policy. You can use it as your sole applicant filter or as simply an initial one, to be complemented by further tests.

The cost of ScribeSifter is $25 per month, with the first month free. There is no charge for setting up an account on ScribeSifter, or for writing and configuring a test. We only charge when you confirm to us that you want your test to be activated. At that point we check the test to approve it meets our terms and conditions, and then we activate it. Your first month is free, and thereafter the charge of $25 is levied.

Your ScribeSifter account should pay for itself very quickly, because ScribeSifter saves you considerable time by automating the marking of most applicants to your company. Not only that but the fact that you can now encourage infinite numbers of applicants to your company means you are likely to find better transcribers at lower rates.

To set up a ScribeSifter account, please click here.

To contact us with queries, please click here. We welcome questions and will respond very swiftly.